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Audition Information

There will be three parts to the audition.  I will ask you to play two major scales of your choice (minimum of two octaves), a short prepared piece (see box below) and a short sightreading selection.  Those interested in auditioning for combo or for a solo chair in one of the big bands will also be asked to improvise. 

Rhythm players will also have an additional component to the audition appropriate to their instrument.  Pianists and guitarists will be asked to comp the chord changes to the prepared piece.  Bassists will be asked to play a walking bass line on the changes to the prepared piece.  Drum set players do not have to play the prepared piece, but will be asked to play time in a variety of styles (swing, rock, latin) and will be asked to sight read.  For rhythm section players who do not know how to comp or play a walking bass line, please audition anyway-most of the time I can still find a place for you to play.

Music for the prepared piece can be found on this page.  It is your responsibility to print out the music and bring it to your audition.

If you would like to play on a secondary instrument (for example, you play clarinet but would like to try saxophone in jazz), audition on your primary instrument and we'll get you started on the new one after auditions.

Please do not be intimidated by the audition process.  These auditions are very low key and are not intended to be scary or intimidating.  Their primary function is to give me a chance to meet everyone and evaluate your playing.

Audition results will be posted on this page on Friday evening, August 25.

The first rehearsal for those of you in Jazz Ensemble I will be Monday, August 28 at noon and Jazz Ensemble II will be Tuesday, August 29 at noon.  Combo rehearsal times will be posted along with the audition results on Friday.  Combo rehearsals will begin the week of August 24, so please check this page and the jazz board for results.



Please read carefully and make sure you know when your ensemble or ensembles are rehearsing for the first time.  If you don't see your name, please let me know-everyone who auditioned should be listed in a group.  See everyone next week!



First rehearsal Monday, Aug. 28 2017


Ben Huggins-alto 1

Nate Schaper-alto 2

Nick Larsen-tenor 1

Mariah Skelly-tenor 2

Christopher Kollmeyer-Bari



Kayla Bolte

Mariah Trujillo

Lauren Barclay

Ashley Corsolini


John Cantrell

Aidan Derossett

Cameron Derossett

Jordan Scott

Jim Shannon



Jordan Shayne-drums

David Dove-bass

Charly Bates-bass

Roxy Kraber-guitar

Sijia Chang-piano



Rehearsals 4-5 Mondays (8/28 first rehearsal)

I haven’t heard from David yet, so this time is tentative, but let’s plan to meet Mon.

Nick Larsen-saxophone

David Dove-bass

Roxy Kraber-guitar

Jordan Shayne-drums

Laura Blankenship-piano





First rehearsal Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017


Nick Larsen-alto 1

Anna Meadows-alto 2

Jacob Stauch-tenor 1

TBA-tenor 2

Megan Berry-bari



Mariah Trujillo

Greg Ojakangas




Kyle Davidson   

Will Schneider




Chandler Revie-drums

Jaxon Adams-drums/vibes

Charly Bates-bass

Tim Smith-guitar

Laura Blankenship-piano

Lauren Yakel-piano



Rehearsals 5-6 Mondays (8/28 first rehearsal)

Will Schneider-trumpet

Tim Snider-guitar

Joshua Hawkins-bass

Jaxon Adams-drums

Sijia Chang-piano


If you don’t see your name, please let me know!


1. Sign up for an audition time on the board outside of O'Bannon 101 as soon as you return to/arrive at Drury.  Auditions for new and returning students will happen during the first week of classes (primarily during rehearsal times, though there will be other times available).

2.  Read this page for detailed information about the audition process.

3.  Print and prepare the audition music posted on this page.

4. Print and fill out the "audition information" form posted on this page.

5.  Audition at the time you signed up for and bring the following things with you:

  •       completed audition information form found on this page
  •       prepared audition music found on this page
  •       your instrument, including patch cords for guitar and bass and drumsticks for drummers (we will provide amps and drums/cymbals)
  •       a copy of your schedule if you are interested in playing in combo or are taking Jazz Improvisation

6.  Check either this site or the board outside O'Bannon 101on Friday, August 25 to see which enesmble or enesmbles you'll be playing in.

7.  Check with me BEFORE your first rehearsal if you need an instrument.

8.  Show up to your first rehearsal!  see info to the left for more information on times/dates for first rehearsals.


Prepare the excerpt below for your instrument.  Remember bass will also need to walk on the changes and piano and guitar will need to comp as well as play the written line. Drums do not need to prepare music-you will be asked to play in a variety of styles (swing, latin, funk, etc) and sightread.  If you can't do all of that, it's OK, just do as much as you can.  Also print the information form, fill it out and bring it to your audition.

Jazz Ensemble I and II information


MUSC 141/137   MUSIC 143

Dr. Tina Claussen

Jazz Ensemble I and II are each 15-20 member ensembles that are dedicated to performing music for large jazz ensembles. Combos are smaller, improvisation based ensembles that meet once per week-reherasal times TBA. 

Jazz Ensembles and Combos are open to any Drury student, regardless of major, although students must be able to read music to participate, and must complete an audition the first week of classes.

Jazz Ensemble I meets three hours per week on  Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 12-12:50 pm.

Jazz Enesmble II meets two hours per week on Tues. and Thu. from 12-12:50pm

Jazz Combos will meet one hour per week.  Time and day will be set at a time that works for all members of the ensemble.




Please sign up for an audition time on the bulliten board outside O'Bannon 101. Audition dates will be as follows:

August 23   11:00-1:30

August 24  11:00-1:30

August 25   11:00-1:30

Combo/Improvisation schedules

Students intersted in performing in a combo or in taking Jazz Improvisation should bring a copy of their class and work schedules to their audition.


If you have any questions about the jazz program at Drury or the audition process, please see me, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  My contact information is listed below.


Dr. Tina Claussen

Director of Jazz Studies

O’Bannon 203



Facebook page

You can now "like" Drury Jazz Studies on Facebook.  There is a link to the page at the bottom of this box.

Get information about upcoming events and concerts and re-connect with old friends.  Please share this page with any high school students you know who might be interested in Drury.