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Otello Information

-No cuts

-Tempi as per Verdi's markings

-Intermission after Act II

Otello Chorus Parts

Please access HERE.

Don Pasquale General Information/ARCHIVE

Starting cuts for Don Pasquale included below.

Starting TEMPI are listed below (NOTE-orchestral recitative is NOT given a tempo; please skip these sections when applying tempi).

Overture: Faster sections like REH 3 in 2=92 or faster.


Act I (No. 2)-_Cut from REH 26 to REH 28

Act II/ (No. 5)--Cut from REH 4 to REH 5

Act III/(No. 11)=Cut from  start of m. 50 to start of m. 67


No. 1=in 4=104; REH 14=in 3=69; REH 17=in 4=152; REH 18=in 1=72; 

No. 2 Recit Andantino=in 4=108; REH 21=in 4=126; REH 23=in 4=69; REH 24=126; REH 28=in 2=84

No. 3 in 6=112; REH 29=in 2=108-112

No. 4 at REH 33=in 4=76-80; 8 before REH 34 (and like places)=into 8/slower overall pulse; REH 34=back into 4=76-80; REH 36=in 4=132


No. 5 in 4=72; REH 3=112

No. 6=120-126; REH 7=72

No. 7=REH 11=in 4=126; REH 14=in 2=88; REH 15=in 4=120; REH 16=112-ish; REH 17=in 2=92 increasing to 120 by 13th bar; REH 21=in 4=63; REH 22=in 4=132; REH 25=in 2=132; bar before REH 27=suddenly slower (about 108), then back to tempo by 10th of REH 27


No. 8=in 4=148

No. 9 REH 1=in =144, then 88 at meno; REH 4=in 2=52; REH 6=in 4=132; REH 7=in 1=72

No. 10 REH 12=in 4=152; REH 14=in 4=66, waltz=in 1 same pulse

No. 11 REH 18=in 4=112; REH 20=132; REH 22=in 2=72, then pushing in 9th bar (and like)

No. 12=in 2=66; 12 before REH 29=in 2=52

No. 13 in 4=144 then in 2 at vivace=84;REH 30=in 4=144; REH 31=in 4=108; REH 32=in 2=72

Don Pasquale Parts

Bowed parts are below.  All other parts via IMSLP:,_Gaetano)

ARCHIVE 2016 Marriage of Figaro General Information

Starting cuts for Figaro included below (orchestra members please disregard cut list).  Note--online/email version easier to read!

Starting TEMPI are listed below (NOTE-orchestral recitative is NOT given a tempo; please skip these sections when applying tempi).

NOTE-Re-Numbered to match orchestra parts.









8=72 (first chorus only)

11=72 in 4

12=66 in 2

(13=88=OMIT for now)


15=84 in 2

16= 92 in 2; 92 in 3; 84 in 1 at 328; 76 in 2 at 398; 98 in 2 at 467; 69 in 2 at 605; 128 in 2 at 697; 138 at piu allegro; 96 in 1 at end

17=66 in 2

18=132 in 4; 80 in 2  


20=70 in 2; 126 n 4



23=116;120; 88;120





29=69; 100; 60; 144; 66; 120 in 2; 70; 120+ in 2

Figaro Orchestral Parts

1. Online reference parts are available via:,_K.492_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)

2. BOWED parts are available below

3. HARD COPIES of all parts will be available in the second week of March

Mozart-The Magic Flute


Sara Walston--Pamina
Ben Wager--Sarastro/Speaker 
Brandon Russell--Tamino 
Queen of the Night--Tara Stafford Spyres 
Three Ladies--Rebecca Claborn, Kristen Walker, Karen Kelley
Monostatos--Stephen Bomgardner 
Papageno--Andy Curtis 
Papagena--Genevieve Fulks 
3 Spirits
2 armored men-choir 
3 slaves-choir
Design/Animation/Projection-Dax Bedell
Director-David Smith 

Master Schedule

Otello Master Schedule


GREEN=Cast + Piano only

RED=Orchestra only (no piano)

ORANGE=Cast + Piano + Choruses

BLUE=ALL personnel (orchestra + choruses + cast)(no piano)



9/21 SDCO 6-9 / Central HS Bandroom (orchestra only)(COMPLETE READTHROUGH)

9/24 Piano + Cast + Chorus Readthrough 1-4 (Drury Clara Thompson Hall)(COMPLETE READTHROUGH)

    -SDCG and BCS=Call time of 1:45-Please assemble in Clara Thompson Lobby then move into the hall by 2 PM (taking front seats)

9/25 Cast + Piano + Conductor 1-4 (Drury Clara Thompson Hall) 

9/26 SDCO  6-9 / Central HS Bandroom (orchestra only)(ACTS I and II)

9/27 Cast + Piano + Conductor 1-4 (Drury Clara Thompson Hall) 

9/28 SDCO  6-9 / Central HS Bandroom (orchestra only)(ACTS III and IV)

9/30 SDCO 10-1 (with cast and chorus) (ACTS I and II) (Drury Trustee Science Center Auditorium)

    -SDGC and BCS=Call time of 10:45-Please assemble in Trustee Science Center Lobby

10/1 SDCO  1-4 (with cast and chorus) (ACTS III and IV) (Drury Trustee Science Center Auditorium)

    -NO SDGC or BCS

10/3 SDCO  6-9 (with cast and chorus) (DRESS #1) (Drury Student Center Ballroom)

    -SDCG and BCS=Call time of 6:45-Please assemble in the lounge adjacent to the ballroom

10/5  SDCO  6-9 (with cast and chorus) (DRESS #2) (Hammons Hall)

    -SDCG and BCS=Call time of 6:45-Please assemble backstage

10/7  SDCO Sound Check Rehearsal (5-6:30) (with cast and chorus) (Hammons Hall)

    -SDCG and BCS=Call time of 5:45-Please assemble backstage

10/7=Perf 8:00 (7:30 call) (Hammons Hall)

    -SDCG and BCS=Call time of 8:00-Please assemble in designated room


CAST/PIANO/CONDUCTOR REHEARSALS (9/25 and 9/27, Clara Thompson Stage, 1-4PM)

Note-See below for likely sections; sessions will be scheduled in consultation with cast immedially following the 9/24 read-through session.

Act I

Iago-Recitative after S to Allegro

Iago/Cassio=DD to Allegro con brio

Otello/Iago/Cassio=Allegro sostenuto before PP to poco piu mosso after QQ

Otello/Desdemona-Lo stesso movimiento before SS

Act 2

Iago=C to E

Otello and Iago=Assai moderato after J to N

Desdemona, Otello, Iago, Emelia=Lo stesso movimiento before X to AA

Otello, Iago=GG to LL

Act 3

Iago and Otello=B to C

Otello and Desdemona=C to I, K to M

Otello= N to after Q

Otello, Cassio, Iago=Y to CC

Otello, Desdemona, Lodovico, Iiago=DD to after JJ

Act 4

Desdemona and Emelia=B to E


Otello and Desdemona=AA to after EE

Otello, Emelia, Desdemona=before FF to GG



-Individual cast + piano rehearsals by arrangement

Important ensemble sections:

Act II=Largo 12/8 after X=Desdemona, Othello, Emelia, Iago 

Act III=Desdemona, Emelia, Cassio, Roderigo, Lodovigo, Otello=5th of LL to QQ


Otello Staging Cues

Otello Staging Cues

(for the color-coded version, see)









Otello; Dagger

Desdemona: Handkerchief and Rosary

Iago: Cane


Act I

Onstage at curtain: All characters except Otello, Desdemona, and Emelia (Iago, Cassio, Roderigo, Montano begin in Chorus, move to front as entrances approach)


-4 mm. Before L=Otello enters, does not move fully to center


-N=Otello exits


-5 before W=Cassio acknowledged (Iago: “...that curled captain usurps”)


-19 before PP=Otello enters, moves to center


-Iago, Montano, Cassio, Roderigo each exit after final lines of act


-2 before QQ=Desdemona enters (Otello:  “my gentle Desdemona had her dreams  interrupted…)


-Desdemona and Otello exit


Act II

Stage clear at beginning

-Iago and Cassio enter at A


-Cassio sits around C


-Desdemona enters at H


-Cassio stands/attends 8th of H


-Otello enters 6th of J


-CHORUS STANDS/prepares 4 before P


-BOYS/GIRLS enter at Q, ready to sing at R


-CHORUS sits / BOYS GIRLS exit at  U


-All principals: R-U=either ‘stand and mingle’ or sit


-At U=Otello and Desdemona come together to talk, Iago lurks


-U=Emelia enters, attends Desdemona


-X=Desdemona tries to comfort Otello with handkerchief, drops it;  Emelia picks up


-6 after Z=Desdemona and Emelia exit


-Otello and Iago exit together after final notes




No cast on stage at beginning


-7 before B=Otello, Iago, Herald enter


-C=Desdemona enters


-M=Otello abuses Desdemona


-After M=Desdemona exits


-Q=Iago enters within first 4 bars


-Around R=Otello ‘hides’


-R=Cassio enters




-5 before CC=Desdemona, Emelia, Ludovico, Roderigo enter, chorus rises


-8 after HH=Cassio moves to front/before Otello


-CHORUS sits after final words before II


-Approx. 9 after JJ=Desdemona either falls or is knocked down


-CHORUS stands at LL


-CHORUS after TT (at half volume or turn away?)

Act IV

Begin either stage clear or just Desdemona and Emelia (if clear, D and E enter after B)


-Between Z and AA=Otello enters, Emelia exits


-9th of EE=Otello strangles Desdemona


-12 before FF=Emelia ‘bangs on door’ enters shortly thereafter


-GG=Cassio, Lodovico, Iago enter


-5 before JJ=Montano enters, points to Iago


-UU=Otello removes dagger from clothing, stabs himself


Daily/Blocking Rehearsal Schedule




Otello Personnel


ARCHIVE-Figaro Personnel

Marriage of Figaro Cast

Count Almaviva........Chris Thompson

Countess Rosina Almavia........Jennifer Forni

Susanna........Genevieve Fulks

Figaro........Ben Wager

Cherubino........Ann Marie Daehn

Marcellina........Kristen Walker

Bartolo........Andrew Curtis

Basilio/Don Curzio........Stephen Bomgardner

Barbarina........Dawn Gutierrez

Antonio........Jason Geer


Keely Keepper
Olivia Heacock
Kara LePage
Taylor Edwards
Hannah Martin
Claire Kidwell
Brianna Gillam (SRO young artist)
Lisa Blake (SRO Y.A.)
Shannon Dey
Bridget Voda
Micah Textor (SRO Y.A.)
Karen Kelly (SRO Y.A.)
Reidar Hammond
Joshua Laird
Jose DelaTorre III
Jason Geer (SRO Y.A.)
Cody Ray
Norman Cochran
Michael Payne
Casper Austin




Betsy Nace, principal

Mira Shifrin


Angel McGlasson, principal

Andrew Baker


Allison Storochuk, principal

Sheri Slater


Brent Filmer, principal

Keel Williams


Lisa Casey, principal

Amy Andreassen

TBA (to be filled 2016-2017)

TBA (to be filled 2016-2017)


Tijuana Julian, principal

Tim Wootton


Bob Swanson, principal

Michael Stine

Jason Hausback


Sue Reichling

Violin I

Pam Davis, concertmaster

Kirsten Weingartner Weiss

Aleksis Zarins

Violin 2

Allison Steiner, principal

Ned Horner

Carla Geter


Darrel Barnes, principal

Kathy Murray


Jacque Trtan, principal

Matt Pierce


Riley Robison


Jonathan Raney

Chorus Master

Jim Davidson

Asst. Conductor

Amy Andreassen