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Jazz Auditions: Home

Audition Information


If you would like to play on a secondary instrument (for example, you play clarinet but would like to try saxophone in jazz), audition on your primary instrument and we'll get you started on the new one after auditions.

Please do not be intimidated by the audition process.  These auditions are very low key and are not intended to be scary or intimidating.  Their primary function is to give me a chance to meet everyone and evaluate your playing.

Audition results will be posted on this page on Tuesday evening, August 25.

The first meeting for those of you in Jazz Ensemble I will be Wednesday, August 26 at noon and Jazz Ensemble II will be Thursday, August 27 at noon.  Combo rehearsal times will be posted along with the audition results on Tuesday.  



Audition Results


  • Audition results are in the "audition results" file below
  • Everyone who auditioned should be placed in at least one ensemble.  If you auditioned but don’t see your name, please contact me immediately-there was an error and I will get you added to the list.

  • Read the audition results lists carefully-the date and time of the first rehearsal for each group is listed right under the name of the group.  There will be lots of important information at your first rehearsals-please read these carefully and mark your calendars!  Also, some of you were moved from Jazz II to Jazz I.

  • We are still in need of 1-2 trumpets in Jazz I and 1-2 trombones in Jazz II.  If you are interested (or know someone who is) let me know ASAP.  My email is and my office is O’Bannon 203.

Congratulations to everyone-I look forward to seeing you in person!



1. Download and prepare the audition piece appropriate for your instrument below (everyone except drums)

2. Read the box below for audition requirements for each instrument.

3. I will be available during rehearsal times the first four days of classes (our normal "audition days")  for in person (in my office) or Zoom meetings.  Freshmen and new/transfer students must meet with me-upperclassmen, I'd like to see you too, but this step is optional for you. If you'd like an in-person meeting, stop by the office.  If you'd like to meet virtually,  I will send out a Zoom meeting invite for you the first week of classes.  These will be first-come, first served meetings and will have a waiting room.  

4. Record your audition materials (your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet should be sufficient).  You may choose to record your required piece with the backing track provided (this is not required).  Link to backing track-you will only use the first 16 bars.

5. If you haven't already, create a YouTube account to upload your video. 

6. Email me YouTube link of your completed audition and attach the completed "audition form" below. You may email me your audition materials any time they are complete, but AUDITION MATERIALS DUE NO LATER THAN 1PM (the end of rehearsal) ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 25!

7. Watch your email the first few days of classes-I may have questions about class conflicts, instrument assignments, etc.

8.  Check audition results the end of the day Tuesday, August 25.






ATTENTION:  I found one small error while playing through the etude today.  If you download the corrected file below, you DO NOT need to change anything. If you've already downloaded and don't want to re-print, bar 14, the downbeat of beat 3 should be a half step higher than what is written.  Also, the etude should be swung. .

ALL saxes, trumpet and trombone: 

               1.  Two major scales of your choice, minimum 2 octaves.

                2.  Required excerpt (see below)

Piano, vibes and guitar

               1.  Two major scales of your choice, minimum 2 octaves.

                2.  Required excerpt (see below)

                3.  Comp chord changes using chords given on the required excerpt.  If you don't know what this means, that's fine, just indicate in your email that you are only sending parts one and two.

Bass (acoustic and electric)

                1.  Two major scales of your choice, minimum 2 octaves.

                2.  Required excerpt (see below)

                3.  Walk a bass line using chords given on the required excerpt.  If you don't know what this means, that's fine, just indicate in your        email that you are only sending parts one and two.


            Send in a :30-60 second recording of yourself playing in each the following styles 

                          -medium swing

                          -up tempo swing

                          -bossa or latin groove of your choice 

                          -a pop/rock/funk groove of your choice. 



Audition results will be posted both here and outside O'Bannon 101 in the late afternoon/early evening of Tuesday, August 25.









Jazz Ensemble I and II information


MUSC 141/137   MUSIC 143

Dr. Tina Claussen

Jazz Ensemble I and II are each 15-20 member ensembles that are dedicated to performing music for large jazz ensembles. Combos are smaller, improvisation based ensembles that meet once per week-reherasal times TBA. 

Jazz Ensembles and Combos are open to any Drury student, regardless of major, although students must be able to read music to participate, and must complete an audition the first week of classes.

Jazz Ensemble I meets three hours per week on  Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 12-12:50 pm.

Jazz Enesmble II meets two hours per week on Tues. and Thu. from 12-12:50pm

Jazz Combos will meet one hour per week.  Time and day will be set at a time that works for all members of the ensemble.




REQUIRED for new and transfer students.  Optional for upperclassmen/returning students.  I will have open times for these meetings from 12-1250 Aug. 20, 21, 24 and 25.  If you'd like to meet in person, stop by my office.  If you'd like to meet via Zoom, I'll send out a Zoom meeting link the first week of classes.  The Zoom meeting will be equipped with a waiting room, so you may have to wait if I'm in with another student.  I will take meetings first come, first served.

Combo/Improvisation schedules

Students intersted in performing in a combo or in taking Jazz Improvisation should bring a copy of their class and work schedules to their audition.





If you have any questions about the jazz program at Drury or the audition process, please see me, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  My contact information is listed below.





Dr. Tina Claussen


Director of Jazz Studies


O’Bannon 203

417-873-4078 (work)

417-840-5683 (cell)

I'm also available via Facebook/messenger



Facebook page

You can now "like" Drury Jazz Studies on Facebook.  There is a link to the page at the bottom of this box.

Get information about upcoming events and concerts and re-connect with old friends.  Please share this page with any high school students you know who might be interested in Drury.