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Rooms and Reservations

Reserving a Library Room

There are certain rooms within the F.W. Olin Library that are available to be reserved for meetings and group study.  Each of the rooms hold different numbers of people and have different technology available.  Please read the room descriptions to see which one would best fit your need.  To reserve a room, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  Remember, just because you have requested a room reservation does not mean you automatically have the room reserved.  You should receive a response to let you know if your reservation went through.

Room Descriptions

Olin Room (LIB 002): Seating for up to 85 (dependent on setup). Drop-down screen, Projector (connected to video, PC, and laptop), Dell PC, DVD unit, stage, podium, microphone, variable lighting, audio control, and a marker board. This room can be reserved by faculty, staff ,students, some outside groups, and Board of Trustees for meetings, instruction, presentations, and webinars.


Classroom (LIB 006): Tiered seating for 45. Drop-down eight-foot screen, Marker board, chalkboard, projector (connected to video, PC, and laptop), Dell PC, DVD unit, variable lighting, and audio control. This room can be reserved by faculty, staff,and students for instruction, meetings, presentations, study halls, and webinars.


Seminar Rooms: LIB 203 has seating for 12 around a conference table, marker board, chalk board, DVD unit, phone jack, Dell PC, projector, screen, and Wifi. LIB 214 has seating for 12 around a conference table, chalk board, marker board, WiFi,  and large monitor with computer. Both rooms can be reserved by faculty, staff, and students for instruction, meetings, study halls, presentations, and webinars.


Chalk Rooms (LIB 205, 212): Seating for 4 - 5 at a small table, chalkboard, WiFi, and large monitor with cable to attach your laptop. These rooms are available on first-come, first-served basis.






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