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ARCH 520 - Design/Build Gallery - Henri Foch, John Kleman, Jay Reeves: Student Architects: Construction Photos

Documentation from ARCH 520, an independent study design/build studio with Henri Foch, John Kleman & Jay Reeves

Foundation Work

Augering holes for concrete piers for both the Gallery and the Workroom Bldg.

Pouring the piers.

Long day.  Piers set and covered against the chance of rain.

Workroom Building

Because the Gallery was actually a complex of two buildings, they started on the "Workroom Building" first in order to have a space to store tools and materials out of the weather.

Jay Reeves and John Kleman installing a window from Restore.

Henri Foch (above) and John Kleman (below) framing.

Jay, Henri & John roofing the workroom.

Studio Professor Alkis Tsolakis on his first site visit.

William Carpenter's First Visit

Drury brought William Carpenter to campus to speak, and he graciously agreed to an EARLY morning visit to the work site to give the guys a crit and share ideas.

Before long his bow tie and dress shirt were off and he was up on ladders fully engaged and sharing ideas.

Milling Lumber

Mr. & Mrs. McDaniel, of Halfway, MO, invited the team to harvest lumber on their land and helped them mill the wood on their 'Little Oscar' sawmill.  They chose the tree, felled and milled all large beams in the building, using some for porches as well.

Kleman and Mr. McDaniel loading freshly cut logs.

John Kleman and Jay Reeves milling a log.

John Kleman milling.

Reeves & Tygart clamping the newly hewn beams to prevent warping.

Placing the beams on the foundation piers.


Kleman, Foch, Tygart & Reeves begin framing atop their large beams.

Whew. Many hands hoisted the large beams into place, and they fit perfectly

Reeves framing the "tower".

William Carpenter's 2nd Visit

Drury hosted a regional ACSA conference in the fall of 2000, and invited several academic architects known nationally for their Design/Build curricula.  Again, they graciously agreed to make the 25 mile drive to the site.

From left to right: John Tygart, Steve Badanes, Donna Walter, George Dodd, & Jason Young.

More Building

Setting the hand-built pivot door.

Reeves, Kleman & Foch installing drywall.

Reeves tightening hewn beams for the porch onto steel frames they designed and welded.


Sanding wasn't going well with the old varnish, so we stripped the floor first.

Reeves sanding.


Mock-up of wall connecting two buildings.  Slip-cast ceramic blocks made by John Tygart.

Foch & Kleman capping the beams with steel to protect them from water damage.

Trenching for underground electrical service.

Foch and Kleman installing the ceiling in the Gallery.  Ceiling is salvaged pine flooring from the 2nd floor of the Clay Street house.

Gallery ceiling with skylight.  Metal was temporary to protect the wood.